$$ Discounts$$

Swimmers Discounts:  The first two children in a family are at full cost but any child in the same session and class from the same family after that will receive a $15 discount per additional child.  Deposit amount is per child and is the same for each child regardless of how many are enrolled from that family.


Referral Discount:  Any family, that has previously been with Kintigh’s Pool, that refers in a new family (that actually places a deposit) will get a $10.00 discount for their family per each new family they refer.


Early Registration Discount:  Students that are registered before May 1st (with their deposit paid) will receive a $5 discount per student making their session fee $65.  PLEASE NOTE:  If there are more than two students in the same family, this discount does not apply to student number three and on as they already receive the family discount listed above so their swimming rates remain at the $55 amount.

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